Imagine this:

You and your family are ready for Shabbos by Chatzos, mid-day on Friday. The house is clean, the food is cooked, you’ve prepared the candelabra for lighting, and the Shabbos table is set. The mood in the house is relaxed and happy, and you and your children are anticipating Shabbos arriving, instead of racing against the clock.

You think about Shabbos every day of the week, and prepare for it in some way all week long. On Sunday, or even Motzei Shabbos, you are already thinking about your next Shabbos. You no longer wake up on Friday morning with the overwhelming feeling of stress and fatigue. Your children tell their friends that they are a “Chatzos family” and that “their Mommy is ready early for Shabbos.” In fact, your children start asking you on Wednesday if there is anything they can do to help you prepare for Shabbos. Your husband comes home from work erev Shabbos to a happy wife and a clean home that smells like Shabbos, and Chatzos brings a new level of Shalom Bayis into your marriage.

After Chatzos, you have your choices of how to spend your time. Instead of rushing to make the clock, now you have free time to do Bikor Cholim, to read or Daven, to spend time with grandchildren, to greet guests warmly and welcome them fully, to work, to shop, to spend time with your children in our out of the house, even, to take an Erev Shabbos nap so that you are completely refreshed at the table. You might use your time to help another woman who isn’t as ready for Shabbos as you are. On a nice day, you might hang out in the park with other Chatzos women. Whatever you choose to do, you know that your Shabbos is prepared, and when it’s time for candlelighting, you will be ready on time or early. You might leave a few fresh salads to make, your shower, and warming up food till later on erev Shabbos, but otherwise, you are done; it feels great!

You are connected with a community of Jewish women, all over the world, who are united with you in their earnest desire to serve Hashem with love, and to create a beautiful erev Shabbos. According to our Chazal, you acquire extra Zechus (merit) by elevating Shabbos preparations. You start off thinking that Chatzos is going to add stress to your week, and instead, it turns out to be one of the greatest gifts you’ve ever experienced.

So much so, you want to give it to everyone you know and care about.

This can be yours, and more. This is Chatzos.

Over 800 women all over the world have joined the Chatzos group, and enjoy the gift of chatzos in their life. Would you like to join us?

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