Chatzos Kollel in Beitar

If you love the idea of bringing more Chatzos – and Hashem – into your life, here’s another way you can connect to Chatzos. Kollel Chatzos in Israel has over 100 committed Avreichim who dedicate hours of learning at and after Chatzos – midnight – until the morning hours. Many of these Avreichim also learn during the day, or they work to support their families. They are married to incredible Nshei Chayil who part with their husbands every night, and also take care of the children and household while their husbands take a short nap after they come back from their daytime learning and work, so they will have the energy to learn after midnight. Without their wives constant support, learning in the Chatzos Kollel would never be possible.

Kollel Chatzos

You can become a partner to the Chatzos Kollel by giving tzedekah in whatever amount you can manage, and also, by entering into a Yissaschar-Zevulun partnership with an avreich who will dedicate his learning to your zechus, and the zechus of whomever you mention. Your Chatzos partner will daven for you and recite the names you’ve requested for davening during the auspicious Chatzos midnight hours.

I have had regular email contact with Rabbi Meir Deutsch, Rosh Kollel, who is a true tzaddik, with a heart as big as this planet, a man who loves Hashem, and is full of emunah and love for his fellow Jew. He completely “gets” what our Chatzos movement is all about, and shares our enthusiasm for elevating Kavod Shabbos. He cares about each and every one of the individuals who donates to the Kollel, and stays in touch with donors – a rarity. He has witnessed many miracles from individuals who have supported the kollel, and he has a love for Hashem, and for Chatzos, and for Torah like none I’ve ever seen. I can highly recommend giving whatever tzedekah you choose to this worthy endeavor. Our family regularly donates to the Chatzos Kollel, and we have been in a Yissachar-Zevulun partnership with one of the regular Avreichim there, through which we believe we have received much bracha. I also experience tremendous chizzuk from my regular email exchange with Rabbi Deutsch.

Click here to read an article about the Chatzos Kollel, which was recently featured in Mishpacha Magazine.

You can contact Rabbi Deutsch directly by emailing him at or calling 972-2-580-3545.

To make a donation online, click here.

You can also mail a check to one of the following addresses:

In the US:

Kollel Chatzot
c/o Friedman
1540-40 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218

In Israel:

POB 30067
Beitar Illit, Israel

Your contribution is tax-deductible under US IRS 501c3 tax code.
US tax number: 21-0447043 (of Congregation Zichron Avos).