Shabbos in My Soul, and More Shabbos in My Soul by Rabbi Baruch Leff

Rabbi Boruch Leff, regular  weekly columnist for the Yated, writes eloquently about many topics that are closely aligned with the Chatzos spirit.  We will be blessed with his collaboration in Azriela’s forthcoming book, “The Gift of Chatzos”.

With Rabbi Leff’s permission, you may click here to read some excerpts from these two books that will support your Chatzos efforts.

Both of these books are highly recommended. You can purchase them here, two for the price of one.

Nefesh Shimshon: Shabbos Kodesh by Rabbi Shimshon Pincus, ZTZ”L

This book has beautiful insights into the joy, excitement and Kedusha that accompany Shabbos.  It also includes anecdotes from Rabbi Pincus’s life, demonstrating his unique Shabbos practices, many of which mirror the Chatzos approach.


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