Kol Halashon has two great shiurim about Chatzos, given by Azriela Jaffe.

To listen to the shiurim by phone, follow the following instructions:

  1. Dial 718-906-6400
  2. Do NOT wait to hear the prompts – as soon as you hear a voice, press 1-5-1-0
  3. When you hear “weekly shiurim”, press 1
  4. To listen to the first shiur, press 139
  5. To listen to the second shiru, press 147

To access the shiurim by phone in Israel:

  1. Dial the American Kol HaLoshon is 03-929-0709
  2. You then follow all the same instructions as above

You can also download these Shiurim in MP3 format:

  • To download the first shiur, click here
  • To download the second shiur, click here

Roiza Weinreich also has several shiurim about Chatzos on Kol Halashon.
To listen to her shiurim, follow these instructions:

  1. Kol Halashon: 1-718-906-6400
  2. Then: Press #1 for English
  3. Then Press #5 for women
  4. Then Press #4 for the Leah Neiman Ahavas Yisroel Line
  5. Then Press #1 – Mrs.Roiza Weinreich
  6. Then Press #1- Current shiurim
  7. Then Press the number of the shiur you wish-
    Shiurim #125, #126, #127, and #128 are about

HaRav HaGoan Rav Feivel Schneebalg Shlita, one of Monsey’s most respected Rabbonim, spoke in Yiddish on the Ko Somar line, about the importance of being ready for Shabbos by Chatzos.

To hear the recording in Yiddish, dial 845-352–8834, then press #1 and then #3.

To read a full translation of his speech, click here.

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