Welcome to the new chatzos blog!

We did it! Our old website and email group had grown to 700 members but I knew that only a handful were still reading and posting, and also, the group was starting to be used for postings that were not shabbos and chatzos-related. It was time for a reset.

With Yael’s help in Israel, we are now starting with all of you as our core group who elected to shift to the new site and blog. We have over 100 women who made that move, and I’m very excited for this new beginning. I thank you for your encouragement and your trust and your interest in what this blog and website has to offer.

I encourage all of you to take a moment if you have Internet access to visit www.chatzos.com and see our new website. You will find there a nicely organized collection of rabbinic encouragement for chatzos and early preparation for Shabbos that I’ve collected over the years. It really will give you chizzuk.

It’s Monday. Have you thought about Shabbos today? Now you have!

Love, Azriela

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