Friday afternoons are now available

A member of our group writes to me:

“My mother has been in a rehab facility for the last 4 weeks. I was able to spend every Friday afternoon with her and still bentch licht early. This could never have happened before I joined the group. I still have a way to go, but I am so thankful for all the inspiration that got me this far.”

Before chatzos, you wouldn’t dream of being able to do anything on friday afternoon, or all of friday, other than making shabbos. For those of you who work full time, sometimes, when it’s not a winter shabbos, you’d be trying to make most of shabbos between 4-6 PM. I know –

I am a professor of public speaking for Rutgers University for the past five years. It’s a hard job to get, and to keep, because I have to prove my worth every semester there to get another assignment. They start off new professors with one section, and keep us in one section for a year to see how we do. A year after I was there, I was offered a second section in the spring – Friday mornings from 9-12. That’s when my chatzos readiness became Thursday night, because by the time my section finishes friday mid day it’s past chatzos, and I won’t do any shabbos preparation then.

I said at the time that Hashem knew I needed about four years of doing chatzos and making it my new normal so that I wasn’t scared by a Friday morning job. I had figured out how to prepare for shabbos without panic and I was organized enough to not be intimidated by the prospect of losing my friday morning for preparation time. I feel that Hashem rewarded my chatzos effort.

Here’s what I want you to think about. If I had been offered that job when I wasn’t comfortable with chatzos it would have been very difficult for me. The woman writes about her mother being in a rehab facility could not have predicted that this would happen. She has been doing chatzos preparations for awhile so she was ready for it. I ask you to think about this question:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you got into a way of preparing for shabbos all week long so that if something comes up on a Friday ( snowstorm, power outage, sick baby, job offer, etc, etc), you’d be able to handle it without stressing about Shabbos?

Love to all –


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