CORRECTED: The way to start, is just to start!

UPDATE:  I scanned the article and didn’t hit the button for two sided, so the first version I gave you only gave you one side of the page. By scanning two sided, you get an extra treat now – a recipe for a cake and the first page of Mordechai S’s, humor column. So anyone who was confused by the first version of the article, my apologies, and this should make for easier reading!

Some of you are new to chatzos and it seems overwhelming. Trust me, when you make the first steps, Hashem will help you. I’ve experienced this myself and heard about it from many other members.

Recently I read an article in the Hamodia that runs along the same lines – a new BT who hesitates to begin the shomer shabbos journey but when he takes the first step, Hashem helps him. I thought it would give chizzuk to those of you who are on the fence about whether or not to take on this challenge/opportunity.

By the way, even those of you who are doing chatzos for a long while will enjoy the chizzuk that this article provides.

Hope you have a calm week! Click on the link below to read this inspiring article

Love, Azriela

CORRECTED: Link to Article 


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