Shabbos sampling on Wednesday night

I do all my shabbos cooking on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday for the most part. I work full day on Fridays so long ago my chatzos became thursday night.

My husband looks forward to samples, and since it’s just him and me at home now, I don’t usually even make dinner for us on wed and thursday night because we are generally sampling the Shabbos food or finishing up leftovers from the previous shabbos.

Shabbos sampling has two pay offs. One, a few times I’ve determined that this new recipe is a flop and this can’t be served on Shabbos. Good thing I figured it out on Wednesday. Second, my husband absolutely loves his tastes of shabbos. He knows what to look forward to, and since I’m not someone who makes the same thing every week, sometimes it’s a new recipe he’s tasting for the first time.

In case you are curious – tonight he sampled banana chocolate chip cake, chicken schnitzel, and before he got home, I put away the salmon I broiled because i didn’t have enough to let him have samples!

We’re supposed to think about Shabbos all the days of the week, and in our house, we do. Starting with Sunday, we are often sampling tastes of Shabbos throughout the week as well.

Love, Azriela

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