Always using my Sundays for Chatzos

It’s been years of making something for shabbos on sunday, so many weeks, months and years that I just consider it entirely normal. It’s not IF, but what? Depends on the week, what’s in my house, my menu, and if I have guests coming for shabbos. Sometimes I also repurpose something that wasn’t eaten on shabbos that will make something delicious for the following shabbos, so I make something and it goes back into the freezer for the following week, or another shabbos in the future.

Next shabbos we are celebrating my husband’s birthday by both married daughters coming for shabbos lunch so I already know I’ll be making more food than when it’s just the two of us, my husband and me.

Today my house smells like fresh challah. Years ago I bought a mixer that can handle 7 pounds and I only use it for challah. I make my challah on sundays and it lasts me two weeks, sometimes three.

I am also making my husband’s favorite chocolate dessert today, which will go into the freezer.

My menu for the week is up on my fridge on the white board with a check mark next to what is already in my freezer, or what I’m making today. I have two small white boards – one has the menu, and the other i write “to make” and “to buy” and that tells me for the entire week, before thursday night, what i have to purchase, and make for shabbos.

If I find out mid week that I’m having unexpected guests, I can always build on what I started with, but every week, I start out on Sunday with my menu planned and a shopping list and a “to-do” list on my fridge. And every day I check something else off.

One more thing I’m doing today as a Sunday project.

This is about the time every year that I dive into my chest freezer, take everything out of it, and figure out what is in there and organize it so that I have the best shot at using up what is in there before Pesach. Every year I discover forgotten gems buried in the freezer!And every year I remind myself why it really is important to label everything – because I always find some mysteries that once frozen, I’m thinking, huh?

Off to the freezer now.

Love to all,


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