Purim preparation, chatzos style

When we learn how to prepare in an organized ahead of the deadline way for Shabbos, it can’t help but seep into our other holidays all year long. (Pesach, anyone)

So we are less than two weeks away from Purim and some of us chatzosers are well underway.

I’ll tell you about me, but by all means, this is only to inspire all of you to think about what is possible for you. I would never suggest that what I’ve done is right for other people.

I figured out my theme ( we always do one) a few weeks ago and I made up my poem, found my visuals, and created the flyer that will go inside the mishloach manos.

I ordered special bags online that fit with my theme.

This year I’m doing baked goods that fit with the theme and I already baked them, wrapped them in saran wrap and ziplocks and put them into my freezer.

I updated my purim list from last year so I know how many to make and where they are going, and some I am mailing, so I know who to mail to beginning of next week.

We are joining with three other families for the Purim sueda and i figured out what i’m making for the seudah.

I know i”m on track because I don’t feel anxious about purim. One thing I haven’t done yet, but I will –

For us chatzos women, you know a special challenge this year is that Purim is on thursday. For those of us who don’t cook on friday, or only friday morning, and also, figuring that the house will be upside down after Purim, this presents special organizational challenges for preparing for shabbos that week. More on that in a later post.

So I normally end up a sunday post by asking you, what are you doing today for Shabbos? I’ll ask you as well, what are you doing today to prepare for Purim?

Love, Azriela

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