Easy Mushroom pastry side dish for Shabbos

Couldn’t be simpler. No promises it is health food. I’ve been making this for years and it’s always gobbled up, even by people who don’t usually eat mushrooms. I’ve made them for the freezer and then defrosted them and served them for shabbos lunch.

Tonight (Thursday night) I made them for Shabbos lunch. My husband and I will sample right out of the oven – of course – and the rest will be warmed up on the blech Shabbos day. It always tastes much better right hot out of the oven, but it’s still plenty delicious warmed up for shabbos afternoon side dish.


A skillet full of sliced mushrooms, cooked down in some olive oil. Add whatever spices you do – I add some garlic, onions, herb pepper, a bit of salt. Wait till mushrooms are cooked. I have no idea how this comes out with mushrooms in a can because I don’t use them, but I imagine it would be fine.

Add a half container of tofutti cream cheese and stir it in until dissolved. That will cool down the mushrooms. The other half of the container will keep so long in the fridge, you will wonder if you can really call it food.

The mixture will be nice and thick now, no mushroom juice.

I use pepperidge farm puff pastry sheets but you can use any you want.

Scoop up the mushroom mixture and spread it into the puff pastry. Fold up the pastry, egg wash it and sprinkle sesame seeds.

Bake 375 degree oven until golden brown.

Let cool at least five minutes before biting into one or you will burn the roof of your mouth ( she says from experience).

I will put those we don’t eat tonight into a pyrex dish with a sheet of parchment paper on top and covered by aluminum foil. I’ll serve it as a side dish shabbos lunch.

Think of this as the vegetarian alternative to deli roll. . .

Good shabbos everyone!

Love, Azriela

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