Keeping perspective

So your house is upside down because of Purim activities yesterday and all the traffic that went through the house.

Bh for people visiting on Purim.

So you don’t even want to think about eating more food over Shabbos, after eating all day long for Purim.

Bh for a belly so full, you can actually wish for a day of no eating.

So you aren’t ready for Shabbos in your typical fashion because Purim festivities threw you off schedule.

Bh it was a joyous Jewish holiday that threw you off, and not a weather disaster, or a medical emergency.

So you didn’t cook some of your usual Shabbos foods this week because there wasn’t time.

Bh, your family will look forward to their return a different shabbos.

So you came out of Purim and it’s impossible to ignore, Pesach is around the corner.

Bh, you still have a whole month to get ready, and you will. . .

Shabbos is almost here, and hopefully you get to rest from your hectic Purim activities.

So if your house isn’t spic spac clean, forgive yourself! Go into Shabbos with a smile, full of hope that your prayers on Purim are being answered.

Love, Azriela

One thought on “Keeping perspective

  1. Me March 2, 2018 / 10:07 am

    Thank you so much for this post!

    Much love

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