Preparing for Pesach, Chatzos style

My investment in chatzos for the last decade has for sure influenced my preparation for Pesach. It’s been years since I dropped my face into my soup haggard from all nighters and tense days right up until the seder.

Just as the chatzos approach to Shabbos is to “chunk it down” and to do something for shabbos every day of the week if possible, those same habits come in handy when preparing for Pesach.

So we have about a month. What preparations can be done, little by little, week by week, leaving for the last week only what must be left for then?

For example, if you have small children, you can’t effectively clean out the chometz in your home until close to Pesach. So what are small steps you can take today, towards chatzos shabbos and pesach?

Planning your shabbos menu around the chometz you are eager to use up.

Planning your challah baking with pesach in mind. (Maybe not seven pounds?)

Cleaning out the freezer and figuring out what you want to eat in the next few weeks.

Inviting your seder guests. (I”ve done that – people really are relieved to know they have a place, it’s not too early!)

Planning your pesach menu and putting together a shopping list.

Planning on where and when you’ll be doing your pesach shopping.

And more. . Each of us has an individual plan based on our family circumstances.

Here’s one thing I know – you will NOT be sitting down to your seder table with bread in the cupboard. You will get it done. The question is, will you be able to get it down without stress? That’s what i hope for you and all of us.

Love, Azriela

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