Planning Shabbos with Pesach in mind

One of the best tools for making chatzos is to plan your menu early in the week. I always do so on motzei shabbos or sunday, adding to it if I discover i”m having guests I didn’t know where coming.

Yesterday I went down to my freezer and decided my entire shabbos menu based on what I wanted to use up before Pesach.

Enough challah rolls – check
Enough desserts and parve ice cream- check
Two cooked meat dishes – check
Frozen soup – check

Then I put on my white board what i need to make to add to it this week – all chometz from my pantry – rice, noodles, and so forth.

It might look to my family like just a regular shabbos meal or two.

But to me, it’s an accomplishment – empty that freezer, use up those noodles, get the chometz where it needs to be – enjoyed before Pesach!

Happy planning, and happy chometz. Did you know the calories don’t count when you are getting ready for pesach? Calorie Free chometz. . . .

Love, Azriela

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