Chatzos lets us control what we can control

I am writing this post while in Florida visiting my elderly parents who live down here. It was rough getting down here. First my plane tickets were at the beginning of the week but Tropical storm Alberto hit the region making flying down there impossible and I had to change my tickets. It wasn’t just changing my tickets, but actually, my plans for the entire week, because instead of being in Florida Sunday through Wednesday, I ended up being here Wednesday through Sunday, which of course impacted Shabbos. On my rescheduled day to fly down here I ended up sitting in the airport waiting for five hours to leave because there was another bad stormy morning in Florida that made the plane I was flying on unable to leave Florida for a few extra hours, so it was much delayed getting into Newark airport where I was departing. I had no control over any of this, of course.

This afternoon I am flying back home and of course I am praying for a smooth flight that isn’t delayed. And I also know that there are so many variables out of my control.

When I was thinking about what to share with you this morning, this thought came to my mind.

I can’t count the numbers of times in the last decade that life has brought something unexpected into my life and I have said the words, “Thank G-d I do chatzos,” meaning, Thank God I am all set, or almost all set, or well underway for shabbos, because this unexpected event would have really set me back. It could be an illness, pressures at work, an injury, an unexpected power outage, a broken kitchen appliance, and so forth.

We are at the beginning of a new week. We really don’t know what this week will bring. What can we control, as it pertains to preparing for Shabbos? Well, for starters, we can begin thinking about, and getting ready for, His Shabbos today.

I won’t be doing that today because I am traveling, but chatzos is in my psyche so much, I have some food cooked and in the freezer for this upcoming shabbos because I knew that I would be losing Sunday, one of my days where I always do something for Shabbos.

Today, what I’m doing for Shabbos, is reminding all of you – Chatzos is a beautiful practice that gives us all a bit of insurance against what is out of our control.

May your week bring only unexpected blessings. . .

Love, Azriela

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