Shabbos samples on Wed and Thurs Night

When you prepare all week long for Shabbos, your family gets to smell and taste shabbos all week long as well. My husband knows when he comes home from work on Wednesday and Thursday night that the house will smell like shabbos, and I’ll have a small plate with samples waiting for him. I don’t give him the gefilte fish, and the cholent isn’t cooked yet, but for example, last night I made meat knishes and I sometimes even make my shabbos food with husband sampling in mind. When he came home, it was my pleasure to give him something hot and delicious, and a preview of a yummy shabbos entree coming soon.

Meat knishes recipe:

If you haven’t made meat knishes ( recipe is in many places), here’s a brief synopsis and it’s a big hit and super easy. Thaw puff pastry sheets in the fridge. Brown chopped onions and ground beef ( I did a combo of beef and chicken), add ketchup, garlic powder, salt and pepper, cover and cook for a half hour, stirring often so the meat doesn’t burn. Then I added some flour to thicken it, and let it cool. When cool enough not to melt the puff pastry, fill the pastry, egg wash, I sprinkled with everything bagel topping, and baked till golden brown.

This is what my husband enjoyed, right out of the oven, and he looks forward to enjoying it again on Shabbos.

Trust me, if you get your family excited about shabbos samples on wednesday and thursday nights, it will keep you cooking earlier, and your family will be excited about shabbos days in advance!

PS – sometimes I’ll double a dessert like brownies or cookies because I know the samples if it’s delicious might make many of them disappear. If I can’t do that, I leave out a couple samples and put the dessert away in the fridge or freezer. That’s the danger of samples, but we can handle it.

Love, Azriela

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