balabusta on sunday

A common objection I hear from women struggling with chatzos is that they feel deflated on fridays, and they miss that balabusta feeling of cooking three dishes at once, cleaning the house, getting the kids ready for shabbos, and doing it all in the span of two hours. It’s a feeling of victory and accomplishment when coming to the candles, on time, having “pulled it off.” That adrenaline rush is hard for some to let go of.

Here’s my suggestion: Create the same experience for yourself, but instead, on a different day than friday afternoons.

Yesterday, in the span of two hours I made seven pounds of challah for the freezer, cooked all the elements of a special father’s day meal for my husband, (which included a sandwich made out of a fresh challah roll right out of the oven – he appreciated that!), made a double batch of brownies for the freezer, and then sliced off the tops (I made them in a pan meant for 20 small muffins), and then took the bottoms of the brownies, crumbled them up and put them into the ziplock for a future trifle on a day in the near future where i’ll be feeding 15 for shabbos.

I felt accomplished – and tired – after my kitchen marathon. And, I remember when I used to have this feeling every friday afternoon. That feeling is no longer attractive to me on friday afternoons, but honestly, it still feels good. . . just on sundays instead!

Wishing you that balabusta feeling, without the stress of erev shabbos rush!

Love, Az

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