Azriela’s article, “Making Chatzos”, was featured in Mishpacha’s Family First, in April 2009. This is the article which spurred on the “Chatzos” movement.

“The Power of Chatzos” – Interview with Azriela Jaffe, published in the Lakewood Shopper, February 14, 2014.

“Change your Erev Shabbos, With the Gift of Chatzos” By Ann Goldberg, published in the Jewish Press November 22, 2013.

“Shabbos is More Than One Day a Week – How to Take Shabbos into the week.” Copyright 2013 by Hillel Goldberg and “Reprinted from Jewish Action, the magazine of the Orthodox Union, Winter 2013.”

Transcending Nature, by Malky Feig.  This article, featured in the Yated’s Mountain Climbers column, tells over two amazing miracles that took place in the zechus of Chatzos.  This is the article which inspired Azriela to start being ready for Shabbos by Chatzos.

The Neshama Yeseirah, by Rabbi Dov Keilson- discusses the Neshama Yeseirah which we get on Shabbos, and how investing more time and energy into our Shabbos preparations increases the amount we receive. 

With what can we prepare for the Yomim Noiroim and what should an Erev Shabbos look like? A translation of a shiur given by HaGoan Rav Feivel Schneebalg Shlita, one of of Monsey’s most respected Rabbonim. See the “Shiurim” section below for instructions to listen to the original shiur.

From Chaos To Calm: The Gift of Chatzos – An interview with Azriela and a discussion about Chatzos, featured in the November 12, 2011 of the Lakewood Shopper.