Contact Azriela Jaffe, a.k.a. “The Chatzos Lady” by email at if you have any questions.

Invite Azriela to speak about Chatzos for your community, as a fundraiser, a Shabbaton, a sisterhood meeting, or just a gathering a friends. Azriela is available for an evening talk, within a one-hour drive of Central NJ, or she can give several talks as part of a longer event or Shabbaton. Speaking and travel fees can be discussed. Azriela has been a professional speaker on a variety of topics related to Chatzos, and her journey as a baalas teshuva over the past twenty years. She is the author of over thirty books, including a dozen privately commissioned holocaust memoirs, three Jewish novels, and several non-fiction books including, “What do you mean, you can’t eat in my home?”

Call Azriela at 732-552-7916 or email her to discuss her visit to your community.

Here are some testimonials from women who have invited Azriela to speak:

Telzstone, Israel- Sukkos 2012

Thank you so much Azriela for taking the time out of your family trip to speak to the women in our neighborhood on Chatzos. Your words of inspiration were honest and pure. It helped us so much to see that you were just a regular person like us trying to maintain a semblance of calm in a potentially chaotic atmosphere. The yetzer hara is definitely working overtime on Friday afternoon and you were able to offer us simple and practical ways to combat the bedlam. What a relief it was to hear from you that the best way to go about this is with small steps and according to our needs. It was great meeting you and hearing your story of how you started this all. We wish you continued hatzlacha in your work and look forward to “seeing” more of you in your writing.

-The Telzstone Ladies

Dear Azriela,

I came to your speech wary and regrettably cynical. From the articles I’d read about chatzos I assumed anyone who was part of this endeavor was someone from a different planet than me – and certainly didn’t share the same value system. In about 3 minutes flat you knocked out my skepticism and replaced it with inspiration. Your message was rooted in true Yiras Shamayim and avodas haBorei while so down to earth and honest. Meeting you personally and seeing the normal woman behind the chatzos project – who struggles just like the rest of us – made all the difference.

While I can’t say that I make chatzos – and I’m not sure that will ever be my goal- every Shabbos since your shiur I have lit candles on time, calmly, with menuchas hanefesh and a happy heart. (and my children love it!!)

Thank you so much,

Shuli Pielet


MONTREAL, CANADA, Chol Hamoed Pesach, 2010

Bringing Chatzos to Montreal couldn’t have been done better by anyone other than Azriela!  Her intellect, dedication, friendliness, warmth, love for mitzvos and Hashem and His people, her “humanness” and even calmness came through when she spoke. The group that BH came to hear Azriela was so touched and each one told me that they loved it.

Some came over to tell me they thought she was speaking just to them! (and the people who said that were so different from each other -one an older Hungarian woman who has been making shabbos her whole life. And another a young bt friend of mine who recently moved to another city but was visiting-so she’s taking chatzos back with her)

Thank you for coming and I truly hope you come back.

Mikki from Montreal

Baltimore, Maryland, April 18, Keynote speaker at Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion for Talmudic Academy in Baltimore. “Ready for Shabbos by Chatzos- the how’s and especially the why’s…. turn your Erev Shabbos craziness into calm!”

Some audience members after the speech:

I was in your Baltimore event and I so enjoyed your talk and appreciated the sincerity and honesty and warmth that really comes through your personality.


Azriela blew Baltimore away. including me — she gave a masterful, eloquent talk, that touched on all the points,She delivered in a warm, wise and witty manner. the audience ate her up. I have no doubt that chatzos-mindedness will grow significantly here
after tonight. Yasher Kochachech!

I heard you speak last night here in Baltimore, MD. I wanted to thank you very much. In many ways, I felt that I could relate to you. I would have loved to speak to you in person, but it seemed that there was a long line already. You said so many things that really hit the spot last night. I actually went shopping for some of the basics for Shabbos this week today. I am hoping to get a 2nd wind and get a couple of things done for Shabbos tonight.

Thank you very much.

Only a true speaker could have pulled off a one-hour-plus talk sans notes and done it with such ease and warmth. you sounded like you knew everyone there and you were just chatting in their living room.

We gathered in Lakewood lezecher nishmas (in memory of) Devorah bas Arie Zev A”H. Since she was nifteres (passed away) seven years ago. A group of friends and neighbors gather on her yortzeit to say tehilim. Devorah personified that magnificent balance, the organization and beautiful strength of character that chatzos brings. She had her priorities in place, and doing something as special and inspiring as a Chatzos gathering, will hopefully tell her beautifull neshama how much she is missed.

Azriela, you are such an engaging speaker. You speak and listen with her heart. Elevating Shabbos’s honor is your mission, and you do it in a most intelligent and charming manner. You talked with us, not at us, and you made each of us feel a part of it. You showed us how to bring that important balance to a busy week, turning it from hectic to productive. Thank you!

Sara Rochel

Dear Mrs. Jaffe,

We want to thank you for speaking to the Baltimore community about Chatzos this past Sunday night. We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear firsthand about your personal Chatzos journey. You truly have a gift in knowing how to touch the hearts and read the mind and feelings of today’s Jewish mother. The feedback from your lecture has been outstanding; each person was able to walk away feeling inspired to beautify the erev Shabbos atmosphere in her home at her own level. Many have even taken the commitment of Chatzos. May Hashem grant you the strength to continue to share your beautiful message withy many more women for many years to come.

With warmest regards,

The Talmudical Academy APA
Shoshana Schmell
Shoshana Krupp
Shani Topper

I am not an eloquent writer, or speaker for that matter so I hope I can do Azriela justice. Like many of you I had never met Azriela in person, only through her emails, but even after that first welcome post, I knew she was special. Hashem gives everyone special gifts. As we can see from all that she does BH”, He has given her many gifts. One in particular is the way she can connect with almost anyone from anywhere because it comes, like Mikki said, “straight from her neshama”. BH” I got to meet Azriela in person and hear her speak and share her precious thoughts and wisdom, needless to say I was starstruck! She is spectacular. She speaks to YOU. As if you are the only women in the room and she knows exactly what you need and want. She gets what normal is because she is normal. She is a working mother and wife so she goes through the same stresses as all of us. She has shown me that chatzos is much more than a deadline on Erev Shabbos. It is about how we connect to Hashem. I am truly addicted to chatzos. I am devoted to bringing Shabbos in with the kavod that it deserves, and Azriela taught me that. She understands that it is not magic, but I have to say it is magical. There is something that changes in your home, in your family when you feel the Shechina everyday. When you sense that Hashem really does love you, that he is our father and knows what is in our hearts and what is best for us, it keeps you happy. Hashem sees when we strive to serve Him with simcha. Thank you for teaching me that Hashem does love me, no matter what. That Hashem brings us all the good we recieve, all the joy and all the small miracles we need to look out for. Azriela, you are truly a bracha.

It was an experience I will never forget.

Moreshet Aviva, Cedarhurst, NY, April 28 8 PM

On Friday night of Parshas Vayigash friends gathered in the home of Mrs. Privalsky in Flatbush to hear Azriela Jaffe explain Chatzos. Azriela’s words were charming, upbeat, heartwarming and inspiring. Some parts of her talk moved us to tears while other anecdotes had us all laughing together. She’s a real person who strives to connect with Hashem with every mitzvah and she shares her struggles and triumphs eloquently.
Roiza Weinreich

Thank you for addressing our students at our Channukah Chagiga. Your words were inspiring and helped set the tone for the spiritual celebration of Chanukah.

Mrs. Yocheved Schiff, Principal
Mrs. Adina Mandel, Secular Studies Principal
Bnos Bais Yaakov of Far Rockaway

You spoke beautifully & I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was both informative & entertaining. You spoke in an easygoing, heimish, easy-to-understand style, as if you were speaking on a personal level to each person. Most of all, you were very inspiring, and made it fell like it was a very attainable goal for everyone–not as intimidating as a newcomer might normally expect it to be. You have tremendous zechusim!

Persian Women’s League of Flatbush, Congregation Edut Hamizrah, January 15, 2011

I have had the pleasure of hearing Azriela Jaffe speak, and it is indeed an enormous pleasure.

She is an extremely gifted speaker, and she engages her audience immediately. She is very animated,bubbly, humorous, and articulate. She is passionate about her subject matter and extremely knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation about Chatzos in Brooklyn on Motzei Shabbos, 1/15/11, and I would highly recommend her to any organization, shul, yeshiva, or women’s group that seeks a world-class speaker. She will enhance and any enrich any event she graces.

Yitta Halberstam, co-author
Small Miracles series

Azriela, There was such a big turnout, beyond my wildest imagination! The responses I am getting from the people I have met this morning, and the phone calls I have been getting are absolutely positive! One person said to me, “I have to thank you because I am doing chatzos THIS week”!! People have been really receptive and each in their own way will try to incorporate some of the changes/ideas you have mentioned. May Hashem repay you in a way only He knows how for spreading this light of chatzos! and may we hear good news from the cholim in whose z’chus this gathering was done. You gave a wonderful speech, light and easy to listen to at that time of the night, and I think many people were inspired.

Thank you a million!
Rickie Nussbacher
Whispering Pines development, Women’s gathering for the refuah of a community member. Lakewood, NJ, 2/14/11