Making Chatzos with little kids?!

A wise reader, with a house full of young children, shares some very good advice:

Don’t have unrealistic expectations. With a bunch of young kids, Erev Shabbos will not be a quiet afternoon when you can read, nap and say tehillim all day. There will be fights, spills, clothing that needs to be wiped/changed…but that’s normal. Instead of trying to reach some elusive dream of what you wish Friday afternoon would look like, instead try to reach the point where Erev Shabbos isn’t more crazy than any other day of the week.

Do you KNOW how to do Chatzos?

A member, Rochel from Yerushalayim, sent in this amazing post:

Recently my sister had a local event where everyone was asked to bring a few tips about making Shabbos preps easier. She’s already heard many ideas I’ve gleaned from the Chatzos group and wanted to know what I thought was the best point. Sort of summarize the entire concept of Chatzos on one foot.

Well, there’s no magic involved, I told her. Continue reading

Personality Types and Chatzos

Posted by our dear member, Mikki:

Hi dear Chatzos sisters!!

Here we are BH Thursday evening (in my time zone) and I’m sitting down to read some Chatzos emails for motivation to keep going.

I came across the email about personality traits. And I laughed. Thinking back to my mother (type a) calling me a type z (not b or c…..the furthest letter from a)
And then I read the thread…. And saw what Azriela wrote:

I remember a dear member who has been here a long while joining chatzos and calling herself “type Z” , and the farthest from organized for shabbos that one could be. She joined chatzos because she knew that she needed the discpline of it to help her get a better handle on shabbos planning. Continue reading

Its a new year, now what?

Here’s the danger. We beg Hashem for forgiveness and make all kinds of commitments over the yomim to vim.  And then, a week past, it’s already a faded memory, and it’s hard to feel the same fervor and commitment.

It’s like how easy it is to say on Sunday that we’ll start that diet on Monday. Then Nonday rolls around, and doing without chocolate is soooo much harder than we thought it would be, and by Tuesday we’re already thinking, okay, maybe next Monday. (I speak from experience, maybe none of you have any problem giving up chocolate!)

So here’s a thought for you to digest. One of the many reasons I love chatzos. Once chatzos routine is in place, and a commitment to do it is there, it doesn’t require willpower anymore. Really, it doesn’t. I don’t ever think in a given week, will I have the will to do chatzos this week? I took that decision away from myself years ago.

So as the new year begins and I am very aware of my faults and shortcomings, and I can take out the whip on myself for any number of reasons, it gives me comfort to know that I have chatzos on automatic. No matter what, I know that this, I’m going to do right. E

very week we get the chance to make that happen, and you really have to trust me and the hundreds of others in this group who have experienced this Chatzos is LESS WORK and LESS STRESSFUL than without it.So how’s that for a win/win?  Join me. It’s awesome.


Clearing up Friday for family time

Shaina S. shares her success story:

This Friday was my husbands only opportunity to do something with the kids for Chol HaMoed and I desperately wanted things to work out for us. So Thursday morning we had a family meeting (the children and I) and agreed that I would do all the cooking and the kids would do all the seder and clean-up in the house so Friday everything would be done and we could go out. It took a bit of pushing and reminding but by night time everything was made except the matza balls, a cake, and a pot of boiled potatoes. The house was clean and organized and we were all very tired!! The best part was Friday afternoon after spending an enjoyable morning together, the older children said that it was so much fun to bring in Shabbat calmly instead of the way we always do!!! That made me so happy I felt like I was lighting candles up in the clouds!

Yes, I think about Shabbos all week!

Fraidy shares her thoughts:

This is what “I” need.
It works for ME.
Before this group it was just Shabbos. Relaxing, lots of preparing,stress, things I HAVE to do…
Now its Shabbos Kodesh.
And I think all week about how I can bring more kedusha to this glorious day.
And all the things I GET to do.
I learned that from Azriela. We all did.
Its my anchor.
It brings me closer to Hashem everyday.
Because no matter how bad it gets. How lonely you can feel, how stressed out you may feel, Shabbos is coming.
Its always going to come.
This is a great comfort to me.
It brings me joy and releases whatever negative I might be carrying around. Even for a moment, so I can catch that glimmer and rise above.
Now I can’t think of Shabbos and be down.
Now Shabbos lifts me up.
Even on Sunday.
Hashem gave us Shabbos and its a guarantee. It will come every Friday.
Ivdu es Hashem b’simcha.
Thank you Hashem.