Yes, I think about Shabbos all week!

Fraidy shares her thoughts:

This is what “I” need.
It works for ME.
Before this group it was just Shabbos. Relaxing, lots of preparing,stress, things I HAVE to do…
Now its Shabbos Kodesh.
And I think all week about how I can bring more kedusha to this glorious day.
And all the things I GET to do.
I learned that from Azriela. We all did.
Its my anchor.
It brings me closer to Hashem everyday.
Because no matter how bad it gets. How lonely you can feel, how stressed out you may feel, Shabbos is coming.
Its always going to come.
This is a great comfort to me.
It brings me joy and releases whatever negative I might be carrying around. Even for a moment, so I can catch that glimmer and rise above.
Now I can’t think of Shabbos and be down.
Now Shabbos lifts me up.
Even on Sunday.
Hashem gave us Shabbos and its a guarantee. It will come every Friday.
Ivdu es Hashem b’simcha.
Thank you Hashem.