Its a new year, now what?

Here’s the danger. We beg Hashem for forgiveness and make all kinds of commitments over the yomim to vim.  And then, a week past, it’s already a faded memory, and it’s hard to feel the same fervor and commitment.

It’s like how easy it is to say on Sunday that we’ll start that diet on Monday. Then Nonday rolls around, and doing without chocolate is soooo much harder than we thought it would be, and by Tuesday we’re already thinking, okay, maybe next Monday. (I speak from experience, maybe none of you have any problem giving up chocolate!)

So here’s a thought for you to digest. One of the many reasons I love chatzos. Once chatzos routine is in place, and a commitment to do it is there, it doesn’t require willpower anymore. Really, it doesn’t. I don’t ever think in a given week, will I have the will to do chatzos this week? I took that decision away from myself years ago.

So as the new year begins and I am very aware of my faults and shortcomings, and I can take out the whip on myself for any number of reasons, it gives me comfort to know that I have chatzos on automatic. No matter what, I know that this, I’m going to do right. E

very week we get the chance to make that happen, and you really have to trust me and the hundreds of others in this group who have experienced this Chatzos is LESS WORK and LESS STRESSFUL than without it.So how’s that for a win/win?  Join me. It’s awesome.


The power of starting with just one thing different

From Shoshana:

I’m not a full-blown chatzosnik yet. However, I will tell you, and I’m sure you’ll agree, that the very *awareness* that this whole idea of chatzos generates has really made a difference in my Fridays and in my overall coming into Shabbos.

I really only began by taking a suggestion from Azriela to do ONE THING DIFFERENT, because I knew I couldn’t take on the entire chatzos commitment right away. Well, that one thing turned into many little things, because once I was doing THAT one thing, well, why not do another *little* thing, and another…So I was starting my cooking on
Wed. instead of Thurs. afternoon, which meant that I needed to be more “aware” on Tues. of what I had in the house, etc…I can’t say that my Fridays are spent alternating between boredom and putting my feet up and finishing sefer tehillim…I still have a waaaaaaaaay to go til then…. ( I work til 12, then kids come home in 3 shifts after that,
lunch takes TOO LONG…my living room is exactly that: the room where EVERYONE LIVES, so it’s ALWAYS getting re-cluttered…you get the idea!)

The point is, as much as last Friday I started getting cynical, like when you cheat too much on a diet and say, “come on, this isn’t working anyway, so who am I kidding– gimme another cookie!!” I realized that just because it can’t be ALL at this point, does it have to be nothing???? No way! Let me take the baby steps, do what I can, and even if it’s not perfect, it’s gotta count for SOMETHING. I desperately don’t’ want that cynical “yi’ush” to set in again this Friday (or let’s call it what it really is: the yetzer hara at his best!), so right now ‘m just telling myself to go back to the baby steps and try to do one thing different than last week.