Chatzos helps with Purim planning as well

Rivkie Levitin

Help. I can’t believe I did this- I baked for Purim today.
…And it’s not even Rosh Chodesh!
I think I caught a syndrome, which has become quite contagious recently- called “Chatzositis”
Not only does it help with Shabbos preps but carries over into other areas.

I didn’t even realize it was unusual, since chatzos has trained me to think in advance. However,
my daughter’s friend came over and she was trying to figure out why I had a table full of cakes that I was frosting.
(I baked a chocolate cake 8x, using up 2 dozen eggs and 16 cups of flour in the process! I still have to bake the recipe again, and in the midst I broke my portable hand mixer tonight,
which I use in addition to my kitchen aid.)

I think the upshot is that chatzos teaches us to squeeze in things when there is extra time. I had a quiet day today so I figured it was best
to use the time to get ahead with Purim baking. I’m still not done, but at least have a big head start, boruch Hashem.
And for that I’m grateful to Azriela and the chatzos approach!

When I want to thesaurus a word, I find an antonym thrown in as part of the word list.
If Chatzos ever finds its way to the Webster dictionary, I would guess the antonym would be- procrastination!

Kol tuv.