Shiur about Chatzos on Bnos Melachim

I recently spoke about Chatzos for Bnos Melachim. To hear the recording of the shiur I gave, call 718-906-6451. Press option 4 for the Shabbos and Yom Tov section, then press 3 for Shabbs Programs, and then press 3# to hear my shiur.

Here’s the ‘blurb’ from their program:

It’s Erev Shabbos. Let us make it a “Gutten” Erev Shabbos. Will we enter Shabbos harried and stressed or amid peace and joyous anticipation?
Join thousands of women like you in a worldwide initiative as a kabbalah for the new year to welcome Shabbos with joy and serenity by being ready for Shabbos earlier. Approach hadlakos neiros in a relaxed, focused state of mind and make the most of that special time to daven for yourself, your loved ones, for Klal Yisroel – and let the flow of bracha that Shabbos brings saturate your home and your life. What an awesome source of unlimited merit!

Let us tap into the wondrous power of Tosfos Shabbos – each of us in our very own way. Whether it’s lighting a few minutes earlier, or being ready for Shabbos earlier. Find the change that will ultimately transform your family’s erev Shabbos experience into a time of connection and truly joyous anticipation.

You can also call in every week to hear the name of someone in Klal Yisroel in need of rachmei Shomayim for whom to be mispallel at this special time.
This program will also feature weekly hilchos Shabbos Q & A and divrei Torah on the parshah to keep you inspired.


I hope you enjoy the shiur! Listen to it while you are preparing for shabbos in the kitchen this week!