Clearing up Friday for family time

Shaina S. shares her success story:

This Friday was my husbands only opportunity to do something with the kids for Chol HaMoed and I desperately wanted things to work out for us. So Thursday morning we had a family meeting (the children and I) and agreed that I would do all the cooking and the kids would do all the seder and clean-up in the house so Friday everything would be done and we could go out. It took a bit of pushing and reminding but by night time everything was made except the matza balls, a cake, and a pot of boiled potatoes. The house was clean and organized and we were all very tired!! The best part was Friday afternoon after spending an enjoyable morning together, the older children said that it was so much fun to bring in Shabbat calmly instead of the way we always do!!! That made me so happy I felt like I was lighting candles up in the clouds!

When chatzos brings a smile to the fatigued

7:19 am and I am so tired I can barely type….
I was up all through the night with 2 of my sweet little daughters not
well/scared of the dark.

….but… I walk exhaustedly around my house, shabbat tidiness
smiles up at me from every corner.
It’s not that the house is perfect, but spreading the shabbat
preparation through the week into more ‘bite-size’ portions means
that, not only am I creeping closer and closer to being ready by
chatzos, but also that shabbat itself is oozing it’s restful blessings
back into my week (like that yummy filling in the kokosh ;)!

The laundry pile may be spilling onto the floor upstairs, but the pile
in the kitchen is gone…
The floors are cleaner
the clutter-magnetic areas are…somewhat less cluttered
the weekly meal plan is done and the shopping will be delivered in a
couple of hours
the guests are invited

today we do the bedrooms, but even they are not as untidy as last week.

So I’m tired, but instead of feeling unable to cope, I found myself
davening into the sunrise with joy in my heart.
And yes, I wish I could go back to bed, but since I can’t, I shall
book the delivery slot for next weeks shopping, and order that new
seder plate I have longed for since before last pesach 😉

Blessed is He who gives strength to the weary!


This is sooooooo Chatzos!

Dear Chatzos sisters,

I just wanted to share with you that this erev shabbos went BH very smoothly.

Around 3:30 (note 2 hours before candle lighting) my daughter asked me to blow dry her hair. Something we often do not have time for.

I happily was able to do it for her and it is a very nice mother daughter memory we can reminiscent on iy’H when she makes shabbos Chatzos style in her own home.

As we finished up my daughter notice that I was all ready in my shabbos clothing.

She said to me:
Wow mom this is so Chatzos!
Everything is ready and only one person needs to shower.

It was so cute to hear this young lady (very young, iy’h turning 9 on monday) connecting the serenity in the house with Chatzos.

Thought you’d like it too!

Gut voch and gut chodesh!

Tomorrow we get active in our purim preparations!

Hamentashen and costumes….which will make more of a mess?
Let me share a few more 🙂

mi shenichnas Adar marbim b’simcha!
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Chatzos joy for mothers with young children

A woman called me from Baltimore who isn’t on our email group to share her hakoras hatov. She heard about chatzos from her relative, who also isn’t in the group, but that woman heard me speak years ago on a phone shiur and she has spread chatzos throughout her extended family. This woman shared something so beautiful with me, I had to share it with you. This is what they do:

“After chatzos, when the kids come home from school, I bought fun weekday activities that they can’t do on shabbos, like coloring, listening to special music, special treats, and we have a whole activity time, we call our chatzos time. I pick one kid each week who gets to go shopping with me each week for these activities, and they pick out their chatzos treat and whatever the activities will be. My kids are 7, 6, 4, and 2 and a baby. This is the highlight of our week. Sometimes I take a nap while my husband does the chatzos activities with them. It’s a pleasant time we all look forward to. My youngest ones will go down for a nap and ask me, “when I wake up, is it chatzos time yet?”

Mothers with young children, try it, sounds beautiful to me.

happy chatzos.